Monday, September 8, 2014

Consulting session #4 with Alexsandra Burt

I've been wanting to write this blog post for a while now. Weeks have gone by since we've had our fourth session.

Every time I feel so relieved, reassured, and understood.

This time we spoke about some issues I have when we are inside a lot.

The most important message was: Carry on joyously what you're doing!

Quite often, I let myself get distracted by dd complaining or making unhappy sounds. Ok, every time I get distracted by that. I wonder if I did something wrong, why we're not in the continuum, and what not.

I practiced that a lot - just carrying on what I was doing. It was easy because I no longer feel bad if she complains a little. I just try to find a way she can help me with what I'm doing, or I find something she can do (things she has forgotten about), or I take her outside (that is almost guaranteed to work). Pretty much what I did before, but without beating myself up!

We talked about so much else, but this was the most important message for me this time.

Not to try so hard, but enjoy more. Not to take frustration over something dd cannot get to work right away for unhappiness.

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