Monday, September 1, 2014

Humor and joy

Some days ago I asked hubby if I should hold dd while he is doing chores at night (aering the room, packing his bag for the next day).

His reply was: "We're fully in the continuum, please don't disturb!".

I had a really good laugh.

He has a way of using the things I talk about in little jokes a few days later. I had told him about doing all our daily activities with dd, and apparently he got the message.

I had fun today, too, making fun of myself. It helps me to lighten up when I take this entire parenting thing too seriously.

A famous parenting author talks about how we should be "light houses" for our children.

I washed my hands and dd wanted to be picked up, and I wanted to finish washing my hands. Dd was grumbling a little and I said "Common, I'm the light house here". Had to laugh about my own joke and dd laughed with me.

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