Saturday, March 21, 2015

EC gathering and spring is coming

So much has happened recently, and so little time to blog.
I wish I would write more.

I gave my first talk on The Continuum Concept (TCC) at an EC gathering two days ago.
Welcome to anyone who has joined this blog after we met there, I'm glad to have you!

I loved it and could have talked so much longer. I believe more people than normal showed up, which shows the interest in TCC. I was very happy to share a bit of what I have learned so far. All the little and big things that make our life easier, more joyful and more harmonious.

I have to say, it is indeed a smooth ride most of the time. And when it's not, really, I don't worry about it but take it as a gentle reminder to get back in my continuum rhythm.

Spring is coming and we spent a lot of time outside in nature.

Wow, thinking back I remember how hard that was for me at first. I didn't really know any good spots to go to in the city. It was winter. Dd was still crawling and I didn't want to put her down for fear of her becoming soaking wet within a few minutes.

It's all so much easier these days.

In fact, hubby often tries to do me a favor by taking dd to the zoo for some hours. I really dislike being inside so much on those days (then again, I don't really go out by myself either).

Alexsandra often tells me that nature is our home. It really is! I feel so good when I'm in nature, like I can finally be myself.

Seriously, it's hard to worry about something when you're there. 

When the weather forecast looks good, I take dd outside for as long as we can. We walk, we collect stones, we take little sticks from the road and throw them back into the woods. There are always dogs she can play with for a while. We take a lot of breaks, have a snack and some water.

Today we spent pretty much at home though. Hubby has come down with a fever and sleeps in the living room, and I go and check in on him every hour. Dd and I still had an active and lovely day. We prepared food and then shared it, we cleaned our apartment a bit, we built something with toys. We went grocery shopping several times, and inspired by the music in one grocery store, we had a little 80ies revival party back home.

She's sleeping in the ring sling as I'm typing this blogpost.

I always find it so much easier to be in my continuum rhythm outside though. So really, if you want to get started with TCC, go outside.

If you have to stay inside, sing and dance. Have a party! Chances are your child will love it.

Good luck and if you like, let me know how it goes.

One of my favorite spots in beautiful Neanderthal.

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