Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer update & the sweet twos!

Picking berries is still one of dd's favorite activities.

Almost all ripe berries were gone when we left!

Wow, it's been a while!
My only excuse is that I had an awful lot of paperwork to do and no time to blog.

So far, this summer has had some very hot and many rainy days. Nevertheless, I am getting better at going outside with dd when it's raining heavily. It really does help to have appropriate clothing for all seasons. Actually, it was fun and refreshing to go outside with dd in the pouring rain the other day! We didn't stay outside very long (maybe 90mins?) but came back energized and happy.

Checking out a hole in a huge stone at a local park.
Dd turned two this summer. We have officially entered the stage of the "terrible twos" where apparently tantrums and mayhems can strike at any moment. Actually, nothing has happened and so far, there has been nothing terrible about the terrible twos. She is still sweet and rarely ever fusses. I'm extremely grateful for that and it makes parenting her joyful and easy. I do see that dd is strong-willed and can tell how she develops her little strategies to get something. I love that and we almost always find a way to meet both our needs and wants.

I have no one else to take care of dd so I have to take her with me when I have an official appointment. So far it always went well. I often bring a book or something for her to play with just in case, but often the doctor's office (or where ever we have to go) are enough to keep her interested in her new surroundings for a while.

Taking a break to have some water.
Going outside is still our main and favorite activity. It makes for a relaxed mom and a relaxed child! There is SO much to explore. It hardly ever gets boring. There are always people she likes to chat with. The other day, a man handed dd his dog's leash so she could walk the dog for a while. She had tons of fun and even the dog seemed to enjoy walking with her.

Sometimes we did go to playgrounds this summer and dd still loves the baby swing. She needs help to get inside, though. I like watching her walking up to one of the mothers, asking them in her baby babble if she could use the swing, and always ending up getting help! I let her explore these social situations freely, and enjoy seeing her interact with others. I DO see the looks of "where is this little girl's mother?" and then raise my hand to waive, as if saying "No worries, I'm right here".

Picking more berries.

I find dd to be so much more independent now. She will easily go to the zoo with hubby for several hours, or go to a playground with my mother when she comes to visit. 

Playing in the heat at a local water playground with grandmother sitting nearby.

As dd gets older, she always finds new things to explore and do by herself. It's still a new learning experience for me, every time. Every time I have to make an effort to trust her again, although it does get easier with time knowing that it has always worked out so far.

Climbing! Ah! I really had to hold my breath in order to keep calm and let her explore the window sill.

How has your summer been so far?

Wishing you lots of happy days filled with joyful activities.
Remember to keep it task-oriented instead of child-centered!

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