Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our CC week

A bit late but here it goes ....

~ Taking public transit is so much easier now. Not sure why. A couple of times I sat down with her, and she did not move or fuss in the wrap. If she did, it was just a bit, and I just got up etc. Not much was necessary to keep dd happy.

A dear mommy friend and I went for a hike out of the city with the little ones. It was so easy to take the train/bus with them.
We went on the same trip some months ago and were both covered in sweat (and it only takes us 16mins to get there) before we even started the hike. It was quite a bit of work to keep the children happy, and at some point I felt very humble. It's hard to act cool when a very fussy toddler tries to get off your lap and run through the train.
So I was very pleased how easy it was this time. 

Dd exploring the path before of us.

Some older boys passing by.

~ Diaper changes are a breeze by now. Sometimes I ask her to come to me and then she comes and I change her diapers.

~ Dd has still been crawling a lot but now (at 15 months) is walking to get from A to B. It was October 10 (as a first-time mother I had to write that down) that for the first time ever, she walked home by herself. It felt awkward not to carry her. I was not prepared for that. Anyway, our in-arms-phase has definitely come to an end now.

~ She can be so charming. Waving good bye, smiling at people, etc. I see so many happy faces when we meet new people.

~ She does some sort of wild dance when she hears the theme song of "Big Bang Theory" (the only tv we watch - I do my best to limit tv). She also danced with my mother when we went to a big department store and there was some lovely music playing.

~ We had to see an ophthalmologist and it was fuss-free.

~ Dd looked at the reflection of her hand on the metal tab in our bath tub. I believe she starts to realize it's her own hand.

~ A bit OT, but things are so much better with hubby. We had some arguments and were a bit stressed a while ago. It's nice to feel the love again.

~ Dd fell off the couch. Ouch. I saw her sitting on the very edge of our couch and turned around to use the laptop quickly. Then I heard her hit the floor. Ouch again. Not sure if I unconsciously expected her to fall. In any case, it reminded me to keep positive pictures in my mind to create positive expectations. Expecting her to stay on the couch, etc.

~ Thansk to CC consultant Alexsandra Burt, I discovered the power of heartmath. Too much to write it all down, maybe in another blog post. I felt very calm and centered. I believe I even had more positive experiences!

~ And also re-discovered the power of direct speech. I was carrying dd on my back and she started to fuss. I normally take her out then. This time though, I asked her if she could stay there for another moment until I finish whatever I was doing. She became very calm and just sat there. Sometimes direct speech works so well, it's almost scary.

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