Monday, October 27, 2014

Our CC week

This week was fun because ...

... it was my dad's birthday, and we spent some days at his place to celebrate with him.

Dd helping me to pack a parcel

~ Dd is a real bundle of joy. At least most of the time. It's rare for her not to be a happy-smily-yay little girl. Which, in turn, makes me a happy mother, at least most of the time!

~ She greets everyone outside with a loud "hi!!!!!" and a big smile. Oh my goodness. She loves people.

~ It's still weird for me to carry her so little outside. She weighs 11kg (approx. 24 pounds) now. I still love carrying my little one. I mostly carry her in arms when we are going for a walk. Some seconds are enough for her to recover, and then she almost jumps down on her own.

~ Hubby and dd went to a zoo for the first time. They were gone for FOUR hours. She has never been away from me for that long. They both enjoyed it so much. They were so much in love when they came home! Hubby said several times he will always remember that day. They enjoyed it so much, and it was the first time they did something on their own (other than a longer walk).

~ Gosh, I really dislike clipping dd's nails. Or rather how much she hates it. I have to clip them often because she has atopic eczema and scratches herself often. Sometimes it goes really well, especially if someone or something distracts dd a bit. Sometimes not at all. It's easier if I put her in front of the tv / youtube - everything's better than having a crying toddler and try to clip the fingernails.

~ Washing her hair is easy compared to clipping nails. I only rinse her hair with water every now and then, and I do it quickly. She's not a big fan but it's over before she can complain about it. 

~ Forgot to mention that when we were at my mother's house, I left her with my mother to take some parcels to the post office two days in a row. She stayed with her just fine, and both times I came home and they were both napping. Haha. Very sweet! Dd cried the first time when I left, but it did feel ok and I heard how she stopped crying some seconds later. The second time she gave me a big smile and waved good bye. This was the first time I left her with someone other than my husband. I was only gone for 20-30mins but still.

~ Dd lost one shoe while climbing up the stairs to our apartment. She called for me and the way she "spoke" and acted, I KNEW she had lost her shoe. I went back and there it was, some steps below her. I was surprised how well the communication worked, through a mixture of actual verbal language, gestures, context and telepathy. She did not actually say "Mommy, I lost my shoe", but it was obvious to me that this was what she meant to express. 

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