Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our CC week

~ Dd and I had to spend a week at my mother's place (hubby was so sick he wanted our apartment for himself).
Whoa! You know how family can be. I've somehow gotten through this. I'm kidding, but seriously, it's not always easy for me to be with my own mother. BUT my mother has a dog, and the dog and dd really became friends. The dog discovered that dd loves to feed him, and whoever feeds him is his new best friend. Dd discovered that the dog is quite interesting and loves to eat whatever food she throws up in the air.

Us playing (for lack of a better activity). I build something bridge-like, put plastic cups on it, and threw little objects until all plastic cups were on the floor.
Dd on one of our little hikes in nature
Dd dancing with a dancing dog (he moves his ears and plays a song. Horrible, if you ask me, but dd loves this thing)
My mother and my daughter :-)

~ I went to see my own grandmother. She said that she would still learn so much about parenting FROM ME. Yes, she really said that, after having raised two sons and four grandchildren (we spent tons of time at her place). She's 90 years old now. She admitted she had been worried about dd and myself being too close, and that dd would never want to separate from me.
When my youngest sister told her how happily dd played with everyone at the playground last time we went there, my grandmother was very relieved. When dd was born she told me to let her cry, and let her sleep on her own. I know she really meant well. I admire that at 90 years, she is still flexible enough to change her mind on things! She said that all the co-sleeping and baby-wearing seem to have worked well for us.

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