Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our CC week

~ It occured to me I have to carry a little booklet with me at all times. Like I did when I traveled the world. Then I can write down quickly all the insights I have while out and about with dd.

~ Dd starts helping us so much more than before. It's beyond cute sometimes. When my husband did the laundry and put everything into a big IKEA bag to take it to the dryer at the laundromat, she got herself another IKEA bag and put other clothes in there (stuff I am going to sell on ebay). Then she dragged the bag to our front door and placed it next to the one my husband had prepared.

The other day I was folding towels, and being a perfect little copycat, she even did my exact hand movements. I had such a hard time suppressing my laughter.

On the left are two kitchen towels that dd folded, on the right is the pile I did. The result is not impressive, but seeing her folding towels was very cute.

~ We decluttered dd's toys a bit and that kept us busy for quite a while.

 ~ We went for a hike in the woods yesterday and returned to the train station before it got dark. But no trains were coming. So we waited for almost an hour in the cold and dark. BUT I had a lovely lady to talk with, and dd played with a boy of maybe 3 or 4 years who had a bicycle. They had so much fun. It was almost like having a personal babysitter. 
Being on the train is often very easy, too, when someone is happily playing or otherwise communicating with dd. 

~ We've been meeting up for a few months now with some other mothers and their children in a private play group, at different locations. We met on Friday and this time it was particularly good. It's always nice to see the "gang" but this time was special. 

~ No bad/unpleasant situations this week that I recall. All good!

~ Oh, and I finally created a Facebook page (please don't expect anything fancy!). All blogposts will be linked there to make following the blog via FB easy as pie!

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