Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our CC week

This is what happened last week:

~ We finally bought a rear facing car seat for dd! We don't use the car with her very much so her growing out of her baby car seat was not so much of a problem.

Perhaps some people know this but I certainly didn't before I came across that info online:
Children should be in a rear facing car seat until they are four years old. 
I had no idea this is so much safer!

~ Now that dd has learned how to walk properly she is working on speaking in actual words. So sweet! Things like: Yes, no, hi, good-bye, mommy, daddy, doggy, teddy, please, thank you (in German).

~ Two days ago she looked at us very seriously and said something. She sounded somewhat said and hopeless. She repeated it over and over again. We really have no clue what it means. She speaks with tons of patience, the same thing over and over. We have guessed every meaning that came to mind. It sounds a bit like Elven language from Lord of the Rings to me. It sounded close to "switch light off" and "sad, too" (in German).

~ I still enjoy LLL meet-ups a lot. I always learn something new or gain a new perspective on things I already know.

~ We LOVE our time in the woods! We even saw a baby deer yesterday.

~ I re-discovered CLEANING as a group activity. Our place looks quite nice right now! I spoke to hubby today about how I find it important to know how to clean something best. It sounds so boring and unimportant. Still, I remember my friends and I starting out at university with some of us not really knowing how to do certain things. I never really had to clean in our home (everything else I had to help with), so I only had a vague idea on how to approach cleaning. What products to use, how often, how to remove certain stains from clothes, etc.
It sounds almost ridiculous but I find it very liberating to be able to take care of one's own place after moving out of the parents' house.
I know our mothers/stepmothers/etc. only wanted the best for us, so most of us did not have to help with daily chores. Clean clothes simply showed up in the closet after a while.
I find it more valuable though to know how to do this myself. Which is why I'll happily clean in front of dd so she can see how it's done.

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