Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our CC week(s)

No time to blog last weekend so here's what happened for the last two weeks:

~ We got complimented a lot which warmed my heart! I am eternally doubting whether I'm doing things in a good way. So I was happy to hear from total strangers that we look very happy, harmonious, alert, relaxed, peaceful and what not. A cool lady who lives around here told me there aren't many mothers like myself and that she thinks I am very relaxed and know what I'm doing. Ha!

A young man in a supermarket said he had never seen such a peaceful toddler (in an environment where they are usually not allowed to touch things). I told him I put it down to dd having several tasks when we go grocery shopping (all of which she picked herself!): Climbing in the shopping cart (with my help), putting the products I hand her in the shopping cart, handing me the products at the check out, taking a bill I hand her and handing it to the cashier, taking the receipt and putting it in my bag. Really, with all of these assignments, you have no time for a tantrum.

~ Note to self:

How to spend the day the Continuum way:
1. Do an activity.
2. Find a way to let child participate.
3. Focus on task.
Everyone happy.

~ We spend more and more time in the woods. We try to make it two days a week, and go for five to six hours (this is a long as we can before sunset). We keep on finding new paths, plus hiking is probably the least child-centered activity I know. Everyone is happy in nature, we do our keep-fit trail, have snacks, explore whatever we find on the ground, etc.

~ Had two more sessions with Alexsandra Burt in the meantime but no time to blog about it.
In a nutshell:
I was struggling with knowing what would be the CC way of reacting when dd has been playing happily for a while when we were some place else, but then starts saying "mommy!" to call me. We discussed ways for me to react to that without making a big child-centered fuss about dd whining.

~ I love my dad! It's nothing new but I realized once more what a good CC grand-father he is. We went to see him for three days and did some short hikes in the woods. We were rather child-centered inside (reading books to dd - I did my best to read the book myself, look at the pictures, talk about them, and have dd watch me). My youngest sister (15 y/o) is fantastic with dd. I trust she will be a wonderful mother herself one day.

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