Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our CC week

I enjoyed last week so much.

We stayed at home much more than we usually would because dd felt a little under the weather (runny nose, coughing). We went to a EC gathering (just so I can see what these gathering are like these days as I will present the Continuum Concept there next year - we do not do EC) and dd did not seem to enjoy company as much as she usually does, and was clingy. She cried easily and did not feel well. This time though, I did NOT ask myself whether this comes from any of my parenting. I just noticed, ha, dd is feeling unwell. I hugged her more often and got her a book and she looked at the pictures sitting on my lap while I followed the conversation. The same night she got really sick so this confirmed my intuition that she was simply feeling unwell.

We stayed mostly inside the next day and I just followed my intuition on how to do things. At night, when my husband came home, he asked: "What did you do with her? She's ecstatic!". She was very happy and smiley, obviously feeling better after a day full of rest.

Not much to say about this week except that it was really nice and felt right.

I wonder if I should attend playgroups, LLL gatherings etc. less often. I went from a very minimalist approach (around 3-4 activities per week) when dd was a few months old to up to three activities per day these last months. Quite a lot. I don't really know what's best for us. One thing I have noticed for sure is, that if I do so much, I no longer look forward to meeting with others as much. I want gatherings to be a joy and not a burden, so I guess I less is more in our case.

Indoor activities we did were: Buying and preparing food, cleaning, sewing, listening to music on youtube, mud masks in the bath tub, going for walks, building a Christmas tree from paper from a handricraft box my husband bought for us, doing laundry, dying a new wrap, writing Christmas letters to my parents and my in-laws and decorating them with little stars, hearts, etc., taking them to the post office, etc.

With every little thing, dd can do more and more each week. I try to find little things for her to do. Sometimes it doesn't really work but mostly it does. She takes a lot of pride in her ability to contribute!

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