Monday, May 2, 2016

My big CC girl and another CC baby

Going outside to buy some groceries.
My big girl has grown so much! She will be three this summer. It's hard to believe. She is still a JOY to be around. Now that she will not be two years old for much longer, I guess I can officially say that we skipped the terrible twos! I did not fully believe it when I started on this journey, but the Continuum Concept really does seem to work very well for us in this regard.

In the woods.

Now it could be a coincidence and she could just be a sweet girl by nature. BUT when she's with my mother (who treats her in a more "conventional" way), she can be very different. In fact, she did throw one major tantrum in a store once and my mother said that literally everyone stopped and looked at them, because she was so loud. My mother carried her outside and by the time they were home, they had both calmed down.
"A voice of nature", as Alexsandra Burt put it! You treat dd in a disrespectful way and she will show you how it's not okay.

Having lunch in the sun in early spring.

And ... we've had another CC baby

He was born in late Winter and has added more love, joy and giggles to our family. I love him! He does cry and fuss more than the Yequana babies did, but hey. I am doing my very best to keep all of us in our Continuum rhythm. 

I'll leave it at that for now. 

Enjoy the month of May!

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