Saturday, June 14, 2014

Babies and knives

Yesterday we went to see a friend with a baby daugther a little younger than my dd. We were eating something, sitting at the table, when the mother said "OH MY GOD, she has gotten hold of your knife!!!" and tried to carefully take it out of her hands. Then she said: "Oh wait. You were doing this continuum stuff, right?". I chuckled.

I wasn't even aware of having placed the knife where my dd could take it. It's no longer something I think about, apparently.

Then the mother carefully handed her own knife to her little girl and she started exploring it, too. Although, she did look at her mother surprised, as if she was wondering why on earth she was suddenly allowed to take it. And, needless to say, no blood was shed, ha ha, and we spend a happy afternoon, discussing TCC among many other things.

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