Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My little local tribe

Dd and I had a short but really nice meet-up today with two local mothers who are living TCC, too. It was wonderful to talk about TCC in our daily lives, and I sure got a lot out of it. We want to meet regulargly in the future. I'm so excited to see how it goes!

Dd crawled away from me almost all the time. At first she played in the sand where I could see her fine (not that I was looking at her all the time, but quickly checking if she's ok was easy). The other children were older than her and they seemed to get along well. One boy slightly pushed her but it didn't seem aggressive to me - he just wanted her to get out of his way. Also, I think it's best to leave her alone in these situations as long as she shows no signs of distress (which she didn't). She will have to cope with things like that on her own one day, so why not get a little practice here and there?

At one point she was crawling behind me where I could no longer see her so I turned my head every now and then, checking if I could still see her pants (which was all I could see from her from my angle). She did start crying after being away from me for quite some time. I believe she realized she could see no familar face, and didn't know how to find me. I went to pick her up and took her back to the group.

So I did interfere and help her (which I try to keep to a mininum). I believe in this situation it was necessary - there were no other tribe members for her to go to. Also, I think she would have been in great distress had I just left her crying on her own. I wouldn't have felt right.

On the subway on our way back she smiled and "chatted" so much with the guy next to us. She can be such a flirt!

She always seems happy to meet people, and "greets" and interacts with pretty much every friendly persons she sees. It's wonderful to witness.

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