Friday, June 27, 2014

Today's doctor's appointment

Had a quick (mandatory) doctor's appointment today where our pediatrician tested if dd development is where it should be (which it is, fortunately).

Both the doctor and the receptionist (who took care of weighing and measuring dd) were surprised it was a fuss-free appointment. They told me the check-up around the 12 months mark is normally never easy, and the children usually resist, fuss or cry a lot. They didn't ask me if I did anything special though, so I didn't say anything.

"You must have a very happy baby", the receptionist said, because dd smiled at her a lot, too. Well, I sure hope so!

Dd also "chatted" with her pediatrician afterwards. She did lots of "aaaa?"s and he responded - so sweet! He held her little hand before we left and told me she's a wonderful baby. Either he really knows what moms want to hear, or he really does like her a bit!

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