Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trusting my husband to trust our daughter

In the beginning of our CC journey, my husband was very worried about our dd's physical safety. He was afraid she might hurt herself, and that my idea to just trust her fully was too much for a little baby to live up to.

He would get up and sit down next to her when she was climbing. He would stand behind her when she was sitting somewhere near the edge of a mattress. He said he could not do nothing, and that TCC sounded cruel and dangerous to him. In short, he was always worried.

I don't remember when these worries started fading away.

I just realized that something had changed when my father-in-law arrived at our place today, and our dd was climbing on the couch, as always. My father-in-law was worried she might fall. And then I heard these magical words from my husband: "Oh, don't worry, she never falls"*.

Can you believe it?

I know I hardly couldn't!

* I personally try to say things like "she always maintains her balance on the couch" or something similar - I believe in the positive expression instead of saying what I don't want to happen. Who knows what our unconscious mind picks up.

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