Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Part 1 - What I did with my baby when we had to stay inside

I normally take my dd to parks, to the woods, to some place green and calm where there's a lot for her to discover. It was through her that I discovered how much I actually like being in nature (because I can easily stay inside for days, working/reading on my laptop).

A week ago, something like a little hurricane hit our city. Not sure what the correct term is, it probably was no hurricane. But we had no public traffic for some days, lots of trees had fallen on the streets, and bricks still kept falling off roofs. It was quite serious, and came very suddenly. We were lucky to be inside when it happened. We were told to stay inside for some days unless we absolutely have to leave the house.

What do you do with a lively almost-1-y/o if you have to stay inside most of the day?

I'll share with you what I have been doing so far, because it actually works quite well.

Part 1: the bathtub!

Dd loves to take a bath. We started out with little bath in the kitchen sink while I was tidying up the kitchen, or preparing food. When she got to big for our sink, I put her in the bathtub while brushing my teeth and following my morning routines.

I usually don't put in a lot of water, but sometimes she has so much fun with the flowing tap water, trying to drink it, putting her hands into it, and playing with the handles so I sometimes let her fill the bathtub up fully.

Her body feels very soft and relaxed aftewards. I can diaper her without any fuss, and dress her easily. Sometimes I hand her something to play with while she has to lay still on her back for a moment, but after a good bath, that's not even necessary.

Hope you guys love it too!

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