Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dd only picks certain people

After five days of coughing, sneezing and feeling under the weather, I was finally feeling well enough yesterday to take dd shopping and to the playground later on.

She has some new pants now that will serve her well playing outside (can you see my new commitment to spending tons of time outside? ha!).

At the playground, I realized that she always picks a certain type of parent to go to. She seems to prefer the strong, independent type. Loving and kind, but usually engaged in doing something else (mostly with their own child). Someone I wouldn't mind having as a co-worker. I've never seen her go to anyone I couldn't stand. Oddly enough, there was always something special about the people she crawls to. She plays well with their children, too, although at this age they still lose interest in each other pretty quickly and then go off to explore something else.

Oh, and after five days with little movement and stimulus for dd, I could tell she needs more than that. She just wasn't the happy-bubbly-joyful little thing she so often is. Last night I could tell how the rather active day had done both of us good.

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