Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some group activities

Nothing major to report so far but I have discovered a few more things that were entertaining for all of us, and needed to be done anyway.

We cut out the labels of some new IKEA washcloths (I use these as cloth diapers in blueberry capri covers).

We also spent more time in our local health food store than usual, choosing veggies. At home I chopped them up kneeling on the floor, and it was both fun and relaxing to do this with dd. She helped a lot and enjoyed snacking on what we had. I felt like a competent mother for at least 10 minutes. Yeah!

On Sunday we went to a vegan café that opened up some weeks ago with dh. Although we do get into arguments a lot more since dd is some months old, it was a really nice family activity overall.

Today my mother came over to see us, and we went to the water playground together. All of us enjoyed it. Time flies if I find a good activity for all of us.

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