Thursday, August 14, 2014

The darn car seat

We spent some days at my mother's house. She came to pick us up by car. It's a 45min ride to her place.

For me, this means some tense 45mins in which I usually do everything I can to keep dd (13 months)  entertained. If I don't, she cries and wants out. Oh dear. It's always tough and I avoid the car if I can help it. It's a lot easier on the train, although she wants to move around more than I can safely allow her.

I always thought babies LOVE the car seat, as anyone I know had told me this had been their last resort: If all else fails, put baby in the car seat and take a ride. We never had to do this, but I kept in mind that car seats make for happy babies. Not sure why this isn't the case for us.

Anyway, at some point my mother and I stopped talking and she put on the radio and I moved a little with the music. This really helped! Dd stared at me the rest of the way. She wasn't super happy but she didn't cry either. I sang a little, I danced (well, as much as you can sitting in a car), and listened to the songs.

Back home, I wondered if this was because I really focused on the music, listened to it and enjoyed it. And I did NOT spy on dd to see if she seems fine.

Alexsandra Burt told me to trust dd to find her way in the surroundings of a car.

I'm doing my best, and maybe listening to music and thus not focusing so much on dd is a first real result.

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