Sunday, July 6, 2014

Have I found our personal panacea?

For a year now, I have been looking for ways to incorporate exercise in my daily life with my daughter. I tried different things from exercising with videos in my living room to nordic walking and having her on my back. We did not really stick to any of these.

For a week now I have been doing power walking with dd. And she seems to really like it. We did 45mins this morning, and she was so calm and happy all day. We went to see a friend and her little boy in the afternoon, and being with my dd was such a joy, and so easy, from her playing happily all by herself to diapering her with no fuss at all.

I always wondered if regular walks in the city aren't too boring for her. I guess they are. She would fuss unless I would bounce her, sing and dance. But if I walk really fast, a brisk power walk, carrying her in front, it's so good for both of us. I am pumping my lymphatic system (so great for detox!), I get sweaty, and it's really easy and needs no further equipment. I felt great afterwards, and so did dd (I hope - it seemed that way to me). She even fell asleep before we got home.

I really want to do this every other day, in the morning. I love walking as fast as I can and give it my all. I was so active during pregnancy, cycling to work every day, doing oriental dance, doing yoga, working a lot in our home. I even did sprints upstairs when my dad and I went to IKEA some days before I gave birth. Just because I enjoyed it so much, and I wanted to see how fast I was still able to go with my big belly (yes, my dad was much faster than me, and yes, I had to walk the last steps, but it was so fun).

So it does make sense that this is what feels right to dd. It's what she has been experiencing for all this time from conception to birth. I'm hoping it keeps working so well for us. 

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