Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daily play & I believe I "get it" now

Yesterday we did:

~ 1:15 hours at another playground (we have a lot around here)

I normally don't go to playgrounds. I find it hard to keep my CC groove when I'm there (everyone around me seems to stare at their kids and tell them what to do, and what not to do, and sometimes I wonder if they think I'm neglecting my child). But this week I have been there quite a bit, and now that dd is a little older, it becomes easier. And I can tell that I am gaining CC experience week by week. It's all getting so much easier. 

I understood for the first time what Alexsandra Burt really means by "task-oriented activities". Not child-centered, but task-oriented. That's so important. When we arrived, I decided I would build something at the playground. I build a beautiful sand tower, decorated it with tons of branches and leaves, and stones. It looked quite nice when it was done, and took me a lot of time. I enjoyed doing it, and dd helped a lot.

My only goal was building that tower, then decorating it, etc. I did not think about making anyone happy, I did not wonder if I meet dd's developmental needs, etc. I simply found something nice to do, spent time doing it, and dd's joined me whenever she felt like it.

I felt wonderful and full of confidence. I am more and more getting the feeling that I know what to do.

~ 2 hours of housekeeping with dd in ring sling

Alexsandra Burt told me that she did a 24 hour experiment with her son after her first call with Jean Liedloff. She was very active and carried her baby all the time.

My daughter is 13 months already but doesn't really walk yet. I do not carry her all the time anymore, just mostly. She plays and crawls a lot an her own, too. But today I thought I will do everything that needs to be done with her in the ring sling. I normally do this on my own, because it's more practical, or with her sitting next to me and helping (although that doesn't work with every task).

Boy! She was so relaxed and quiet. Yequana style, I'd day. Ha ha.

We went grocery shopping with dh later on, and while another child had a tantrum at the check-out, dd was sitting in the sling so very quietly, just watching everyone. Aaaaah! One more aha moment for me.

The lady next to us ask: "Is she always such a good girl?". I told her I meet her needs for movement and exploration as much as I can, and when I do, all the excess energy is out and the baby is happy. The lady said this very much makes sense.

~ 45mins of grocery shopping with dh

I went to bed at 10pm, and dd joined me at 10:30pm. She fell asleep after some nursing. We nursed at 2am and 5am. Probably could have gotten more movement yesterday, and more time to explore in the evening. Not sure. It was a good and relaxed night but we've had better ones. 

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