Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily play

Yesterday we spent:

~ 30mins on the subway, almost 3 hours in a park at a lovely cloth diaper meet-up, 40mins back on the subway

~ quick bath for dd (in case you wonder, I fill the bathtub once in the morning and use it several times a day, often just for a quick wash, e.g. after eating juicy fruit.)

~ 30mins dancing to songs on youtube

~ 15mins walk to water playground, 2 hours playing with friends, 15mins walking back

Dd slept for around 2 hours (?) in the afternoon in the ring sling. 

We had a fresh and cool and lovely night out at the water playground! Perfect.

We went to bed at 10:30 and dd fell asleep quickly after some nursing. We nursed once more at 2:30ish.

She did seem bored while being at home during the day, which is why I started to dance with her. I have to observe this more closely to be absolutely sure, but I'd say the ONLY times I ever see her fuss or cry a little is at home.

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