Friday, July 11, 2014

Doing messy things with your baby / toddler

I make my own sugar wax and a while ago I really wanted to wax my legs (I feel like most mothers, I guess, never really well groomed). The reason why I haven't done it before is because it can be such a mess, even without a baby or toddler watching your every move and trying to grab things.

But on that particular day I felt I looked bad enough to finally give it a try. And to my great surprise, it went quite well. I was amazed how I only covered the sticky knife with one of my cotton strips so the wax would not get on my dd's hands, and consequently on furniture, my hair, etc. The rest I did like I always do, and she was around me all the time. These things are so interesting for her!

I try to include her whenever I can. She loves to hand me things, like scissors, glue, etc., and watches carefully. The only times I don't let her come near me is when I work with household chemicals that no one is supposed to breathe in. I could tell her to hold her breath like I do, but I don't think that will work, and I don't need to use these things often anyway.

Dd loves helping me to peel potatoes, by the way. I usually prepare food on the floor these days, so she can just join me (which she often does).

Anyone out there making similar experiences?

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