Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daily play

Yesterday we did:

~ 45mins power walking with dd and 15mins chilling out in the grass (mind you, she was still grinding her teeth while I was walking briskly)

~ 90min walk with plenty of time on grass

~ dancing at home

~ 3 hours at a good friend's place (we've met in a oriental dance group and for some reason, she's like a sister to me. And she loves dd, and is really good with children)

Dd and I took a nap for around 90mins in the late afternoon.

I realized today that when dd starts to "sing" and make noises, she is probably bored. As soon as I start singing something, or become more active, she gets so calm and watches me. We switch roles then.

My friend says that dd is SO joyful and low maintenance. Which was funny because I found that last ngiht, even though we had been moving a lot during the day (outside and at home), she still moved lot, started to grind her teeth, wave her arms, etc. For me it was a high maintenance night out. It seems that compared to other children, it really was nothing. I guess I need to remember more often that I have a rather easy job with dd. I don't like to compare myself, though. For me personally, dd seemed too agitated to be really relaxed and happy.

We went to bed at 10pm and she fell asleep after some nursing. I believe we nursed once at night, but I don't remember when. 

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