Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh, the heat!

I thought I would spend so many summer days outside with dd.

At first it was so cold and rainy and I couldn't bring myself to let her crawl outside. 

Then a big storm hit our city, and the beautiful woods won't be accessible before October.

Now it is so warm that all you want to do is stay inside. Besides things like grocery shopping, we did just that: Staying at home.

Some cooling activities we enjoyed:

~ Making banana icecream. Freeze pieces of bananas in a glas jar, take out after 12-24 hours and blend in a strong blender. There's a special machine for that, too, by now, which I've never used though.

~ Being in the cool bathtub a lot. I left the water in there - very useful to clean dd quickly after eating melon from the fridge.

~ Making cucumber juice. A bit messy, but very refreshing, and a fun activity. Put in a cucumber, and juice comes out.

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