Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daily play

When I first talked with CC consultant Alexsandra Burt, she asked me a lot of specific questions in order to assess our individual needs.
One of the most important messages was: This baby needs a LOT of movement.
This is something that I would like to track on a daily basis for a while to see how much we actually get. 

Yesterday we spent:

~ 90mins at the playground (normally we don't go there but yesterday I had the feeling it would be good, and it was)

~ quick bath for dd

~ grocery shopping around noon

~ 60mins at a water playground near here where the children can go in some sort of outside pool. DEFINITELY will go there again after this first test! Wanted to stay longer but got hungry so went home after 60mins.

~ another bath for dd

I still carry her everywhere. She weighs arond 20 pounds now.
She fell asleep in the afternoon and later on slept very well at 10pm when we all went to bed (after some nursing). We nursed once during the night at 2:30ish.

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