Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Daily play

Yesterday we did:

~ running several errands in the a.m.

~ several baths

~ went to water playground for 45mins (wanted to stay longer but it started to rain heavily followed by a storm)

Went to bed at 10pm and nursed at 2am and 6am.

It was not enough movement and time outside yesterday, and I made up for it this morning when we went to the water playgroung again, extra long 90mins, until dd started to crawl into the ring sling and didn't seem interested in playing anymore.

I noticed how excited dd gets when we approach the water playground. Does she know where we are? I'm not sure yet. She does often fuss or get unhappy when we walk through the streets to lead to our home. I'm wondering if that is simply because she knows we go back inside?

So this was what we did for an entire week. It was not really a typical week for us. I have reduced our social life a lot, as it was simply getting too much.

I want to spend more time going places with dd. There's so many places around here we can reach by train, and that will probably make a good day trip.

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